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NYC – Dawn

Just before Christmas 2004 was my first time to visit New York City. The impressions were overwhelming, the energy incredible and the amount of fast moving people surprising. Despite the fact that I had already moved to London it still felt like a more intense place.

Due to jet lag I was wide awake at 4am anyway so I decided to take my massive medium format camera and take long walks every morning. It’s such a beautiful and special situation when the city that never sleeps takes a short nap.

Because of the long exposures I needed to capture the dark environment, the photos turned out ghostly and mysterious – a deserted and calm New York City full of stars.

I’ve never seen the Twin Towers but the first image in this series gave me the shivers…. the two dark shadows of the pier almost formed a negative of the once towering symbols of New York.

2004-017_0052004-017_014 2004-017_018



2004-017_004 2004-017_009 2004-017_016

First London Impression

This is actually one of my first images I took in London when I moved here 12 years ago. I arrived in September 2003 and this was shot in winter. It’s on Ridley Road Market, I guess one of the most original East London places. Funny enough I just recently moved into the very same street as I did back then – a circle closed after many flats, areas and even countries.

The area has changed massively, gentrification at it’s best. But for some reason the market has survived it’s genuine feeling, the amazing atmosphere and the fact that one wouldn’t really think it’s central London. Pass it and you’ll be able to experience probably 100 nations.

From 5pm onwards the whole area gets cleaned – in winter already very dark. I was impressed by the absolute mess. Incredible work the guys from Hackney council do to clean it up – every single evening, six days a week. But you can still smell the exact spot of the fish mongers even at nighttime.