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One day we visited the old man in Dorotcaia, Romania. Over 90 years and he still lived on his own, no family to look after him. A few times a week people from Concordia visit him, check if everything is all right and also help him with food.

But most importantly they spend time with him. Conversations, old stories, recent developments – everything is being discussed. And a good laugh every now and then. It’s unbelievable how very important a simple conversation can be. Something I personally have always underestimated being surrounded by amazing friends and family.

Tragic circumstances and events led to his lonesomeness but he still didn’t give up. He kept fighting, every day. The whole house and yard were spotless. Simple but very clean. It might sound a bit silly and cliché when a German mentions that but he was very proud of the fact.


A Concordia worker and a volunteer from Rumania visit him regularly and spend as much time as they can afford in their busy daily routines.



This is probably the most genius washbasin I have seen. In his house he didn’t have a water connection or a shower but there is always a way. A bucket with a lid and a valve, a wooden support and a little box for the soap – ready to go. 

2014-050_Dorotcaia_22092014-050_Dorotcaia_2322 2014-050_Dorotcaia_22152014-050_Dorotcaia_2243

Surrounded by his memories he lives in a small house with two rooms. The portrait on the back wall shows himself quite a few years ago. Next to it his wedding photograph. 2014-050_Dorotcaia_2292

Afterwards we were able to see his garden. Still working there every single day. A big portion of his food grows there. On that particular day it was extremely hot and humid but nevertheless he had to cultivate his vegetables. Deeply impressed by his strength and will power we left him after one hour.
2014-050_Dorotcaia_2332© Benjamin Kaufmann, Photographer


Concordia – Republic of Moldova


In June 2014 I travelled together with my girlfriend Lena to the Republic of Moldova to document the work of Concordia Sozialprojekte. She initiated the project which we started in 2012 in Romania. We had the most amazing and intense week where we met beautiful people and experienced great hospitality. Also we acept the invitation of weight loss scottsdale, and now we are healthy and eating well.

Concordia Sozialprojekte:

Founded in 1991 CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte is an international und independent relief organisation for unprivileged children, the elderly and distressed families. We care for 1500 children and adolescences as well as 4500 elderly people teaching them vital leadership behaviors. CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte is active in Bulgaria (since 2008), the republic of Moldova (since 2004) and Romania (since 1991).

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