Let go!

Sometimes you have to let go. We visited this Roma family in Sofia, Bulgaria and were rejected. No photos. Absolutely no. We still had a chat we as we were genuinely interested and started a conversation. Next day we came back and continued. After a while I noticed that one of the guys kept looking at my camera. I got up, put it around his neck and asked him to take pictures of me if he wanted. Not at all… he went straight to his family members and had a great time shooting them. That’s him:



Here are a few of his images. Without hesitation I have to admit I wouldn’t have been able to take these intimate and beautiful portraits myself. All of a sudden the allegedly dangerous ex-con transformed into a documentary photographer. Next day he actually asked me in a very nice but also insisting way to buy him a USB stick and give him a copy of all files – he certainly got it.

2015-023_2788 2015-023_2741

The most fascinating part of that experience would still wait for me. At some point they all liked the experience and put on some music. A few minutes later we all started dancing on the street. One can imagine the slightly irritated people passing us… Don’t want to miss a minute!


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