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The Tin Drum – Oskar

The first time I saw the little kid in his grandfather’s arms I immediately had to think of The Tin Drum. That boy reminded me so much of Oscar. The look on his face, critical and curious. The way he had his ice cream without moving his eyes. Actually it felt a bit creepy.

But after a few minutes later he warmed up to me was was happy to be photographed. His grandfather was very conscious about the dirty environment in their Roma ghetto on the outskirts of Sofia. He wanted me to take their photograph only in one direction – towards their house.


Pictures do change the world

Concordia Bulgaria

Concordia Bulgaria

I am really proud that I was able to shoot a picture that actually did have an influence. This picture inspired one of my clients in Romania. Struck by the young athlete he started comparing the lives of the children looked after by Concordia and his own 12 year old son who is one of the most successful swimmers in Europe at the moment. Currently plans are being discussed to invite the children to take part in free swim training. Also there are plans to support the various houses with electricity – the core business of the client is solar energy. Fingers crossed that both projects will go ahead.





Concordia – Republic of Moldova


In June 2014 I travelled together with my girlfriend Lena to the Republic of Moldova to document the work of Concordia Sozialprojekte. She initiated the project which we started in 2012 in Romania. We had the most amazing and intense week where we met beautiful people and experienced great hospitality.

Concordia Sozialprojekte:

Founded in 1991 CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte is an international und independent relief organisation for unprivileged children, the elderly and distressed families. We care for 1500 children and adolescences as well as 4500 elderly people teaching them vital leadership behaviors. CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte is active in Bulgaria (since 2008), the republic of Moldova (since 2004) and Romania (since 1991).

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