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Black and White Paradise

Recently I saw the Paul Strand exhibition at the V&A in London. One of the first images, the famous “The White Fence”, came with a quote talking about the idea of a perfect black and white image according to traditional ideas (grey scale ranging from dark black to white including all mid tones). It’s amazing to read how thoughtful and mindful photographers like Strand crafted their images.

On my first trip to New York I captured four images that in my option are close to an ideal black and white image. Two are high contrast with almost only black or white values, two are very balanced. I am not too technical but reading about the early masters and their struggle to achieve perfection reminds me to appreciate the incredible effort and knowledge hidden in each photograph.



2004-017_100 2004-017_064 2004-017_090


NYC – Dawn

Just before Christmas 2004 was my first time to visit New York City. The impressions were overwhelming, the energy incredible and the amount of fast moving people surprising. Despite the fact that I had already moved to London it still felt like a more intense place.

Due to jet lag I was wide awake at 4am anyway so I decided to take my massive medium format camera and take long walks every morning. It’s such a beautiful and special situation when the city that never sleeps takes a short nap.

Because of the long exposures I needed to capture the dark environment, the photos turned out ghostly and mysterious – a deserted and calm New York City full of stars.

I’ve never seen the Twin Towers but the first image in this series gave me the shivers…. the two dark shadows of the pier almost formed a negative of the once towering symbols of New York.

2004-017_0052004-017_014 2004-017_018



2004-017_004 2004-017_009 2004-017_016

Enterprise Bootcamp – 15 entrepreneurs. 12 weeks.

Enterprise Bootcamp is a program to support young people who develop their own business ideas. It’s a combination of a 3 months course and weekly mentoring sessions. When The Bootstrap Company looked for mentors last year I thought this might be a fantastic opportunity and I signed up.

I’ve met regularly with Mickel who is a young and talented photographer. He wants to run a practical photography workshop. The workshop is designed to support people with learning disabilities such as Asperger’s Autism and dyslexia of all ages.

This week Mickel finished his first exhibition project. He took portraits of all members of the program, selected them, printed them and finally framed and exhibited them. I can say that I am very proud as the photos are excellent and show each ones personality.

Here are the images as small JPGs – if you’re interested please come and visit the exhibition at and see the full description of the project below the images.



This exhibition showcases the work of young entrepreneur & photographer Mickel Adeyemi (@banxyphoto). The show has been put together with the support of his Bootstrap mentor, fashion photographer Ben Kaufmann (@kaufbenjamin).

This exhibition profiles the young entrepreneurs on the Bootstrap ‘Enterprise Bootcamp’ a pioneering project to equip 15 young entrepreneurs (18-24) with the tools, networks and skills to start-up their own enterprise.

The project is run in partnership between Bootstrap Company and Peabody Housing Association. The training is led by Bootstrap tenant Kofi Oppong, who delivers his pioneering ‘Urban MBA’ course in the masterclass workshops. The programme consists of:

  • Masterclasses – 4hr enterprise workshops with facilitators covering topics such as: Goal Setting, Personal finance, Business plan writing, Branding, Presentation skills.
  • Mentoring – Led by experienced entrepreneurs from the Bootstrap community in 1hr weekly 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.
  • Accredited learning – Participants complete an OCN Level 1 Business Management qualification.
  • Space to grow – Participants will have their own deskspace to work from, with computers provided.
  • Connections – Participants are invited to Bootstrap events and tenant networking events.
  • Finale – The programme ends with a ‘dragons den’ style pitching event with various awards, including small startup grants.

To find out more,
Email: henry@bootstrapcompany Twitter: @bootstrapcampus



Mysterious China

On my trip to China we had to travel long distances throughout the hinterland of the Yunnan province. Hours and hours over bumpy roads were rewarded with stunning landscapes. Luckily we encountered many mysterious situations in the early morning when the sun made the fog disappear. Here are some impressions – silent and beautiful.

All these images were shot on a Mamyia 7 camera and film – it’s been a while since I haven’t actually shot on film. Still miss the feeling of coming home from a long trip and the excitement picking up the rolls from the lap. The first moments going through the shots with a magnifier….


Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation Kangyun Foundation

Underground Art in Sofia, Bulgaria

Next to the Concordia building in Sofia is a massive soviet industrial complex. From the outside it looks almost scary. Dark. Run down, concrete only. The entrance lets one wonder what’s behind the doors saying “Keep calm and rule the world”. The old Dacia cut into pieces and converted to sofas is the first hint to a world of art.

2015-023_1614The staircase leads up to a few storeys of various sizes. All artist’s studio. All artists welcomed me straight away, gave me little tours in perfect English and invited me to spend time with them.


The complex looks and feels like a life art gallery, work in progress and full of creativity. Every room is different, around every corner another surprise waits for you. I love this room that’s half storage, half installation. The telephone on the desk, the two chairs, the sign on the back wall all remind me of the movies about the cold war taken into a different context.


One of the artists who works mostly with steel. A new mould for a scull sculpture.